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An over-the-years collection of my not-so-underwhelming works (of art) and things I generally like.

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I made a thing. this was my final for my space/materiality class.

" Brazilians were supporting Germany’s NT. Why? 6 months ago the Germans arrived in Santa Cruz Cabrália (Bahia, Brazil) and built a hotel, a health center, a football field, donated an ambulance to the town, created a full-time school program in Cabralia, made a road that led to their training center, didn’t bring German employees hiring about 250 Cabrália citizens in their training center. Then the Germany NT arrived and: When not training, they socialized with the citizens in the town or in the beach, partied with the citizens, were kind to the fans always talking to them/taking pictures with them. About the win against our team: they were respectful with us, said that their idols were Brazilian legends and that we shouldn’t lose our pride. They are thankful for the way they were welcome here. And they’ll donate the things they built to the population. It’s impossible not to support these guys. "

— I translated this because people think it’s just because they beat Argentina. It’s not. (via argentie)

(via 0435am)


Chandelier - Sia

The video has so much emotion. If you really pay attention to the meaning there is behind the dance, it’s amazing. People keep saying that the dance is really weird and her facial expressions are dumb. No it’s not. You just don’t get it. Listen to the lyrics and watch the things she does. The facial expressions represent something. It’s part of the meaning behind the song.